About Us

The disastrous night started at 11pm, on a Tuesday night. Exhausted from a long day of school, I let my golden doodle, Bella, out one last time before going to bed. As I called for Bella, I heard her whimper, making my stomach drop not knowing what might have happened to her. As she ran back to the door, I noticed her sad-looking eyes staring up at me, I asked, “what’s wrong, Bella?” That’s when it HIT me. At the top of my lungs, I yelled “Mom, Bella was skunked. What do we do?” Bella, foaming at the mouth, with her tail down, and a look of fear in her eyes we quickly rushed her to the bathtub. Relying on conventional wisdom, we applied water and soap to Bella, thinking it would get rid of the smell. The smell intensified! The whole house wreaked of skunk within minutes. After that traumatic night, I vowed NEVER to let Bella go through that experience again. The next day, my team discussed a solution to this huge problem. After weeks of examining and testing other de-skunking solutions, Skunk Aid was born. A first aid kit for dogs that is easy to follow and safe for dogs because of the natural ingredients used. We are a group of high school entrepreneurs, who set out to create a solution. A solution, to protect man’s best friend from getting skunked!