About Us

The idea behind Skunk Aid began in a Buffalo Grove High School Entrepreneurship 1 classroom during the 2015-16 school year. One of the first tasks for every group in the class was to create “Bug Me” lists, which required each member to write down different problems they faced in their everyday lives. The next week, Nicole Relias came in with a situation that each member could painfully relate to: her dog got skunked. We all grumbled about our own personal experiences about the chaotic environment of trying looking up a remedy, finding the ingredients, and trying to survive the sinister smell. We agreed how hard it was to successfully clean the dog without harming them from the different ingredients and have an easy process while doing it. From there, we realized that this was definitely a “problem” worth investigating. We began researching different remedies that people would use after their pet was skunked, and discovered that the key to many of the solutions was neutralizing the skunk oil. So, we decided that we should try and create our own treatment. Within the next few weeks, we began doing trials of different combinations